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15 Must-Try Famous Street Foods in Manali

Known for its breathtaking landscapes, adventurous activities, and spiritual retreats, Manali is also a haven for food enthusiasts. Yes, the famous street foods in Manali will certainly be a cherry on the cake while you are all pumped up to explore the streets and valleys of this heavenly destination.

The bustling street food scene in this hill station is an interesting mix of local Himachali flavors and various regional cuisines from across India. If you find yourself in this charming town, brace your taste buds for an adventure as captivating as the surrounding mountains. 

15 Super-delectable Famous Street Foods in Manali

Here’s a list of 15 must-try famous street foods in Manali that promise to make your trip deliciously unforgettable!

1. Siddu


Siddu is a locally admired dish that is synonymous with Himachali cuisine, particularly in the regions around Manali. It’s essentially a bread made from wheat flour, which is often given additional flavor and texture with fillers such as poppy seeds and walnuts. 

Siddu is traditionally savored with ghee or various types of chutneys and is especially popular during the colder months due to its comforting and filling nature.

2. Momos – Undoubtedly a Famous Street Food in Manali!


In the narrow lanes of Manali, one can often find the savory aroma of momos, a Tibetan import that has seamlessly become a part of the local street food repertoire. 

These dumplings are typically filled with a mixture of minced meat or vegetables, wrapped in a thin dough, and then steamed to perfection. 

They are usually served with a spicy dipping sauce, which is commonly a tomato-based chutney. They offer a juicy and flavorful eating experience that both satisfies hunger and delights the senses.

3. Thukpa


Thukpa is a heartwarming noodle soup that has also found favor among the locals and visitors of Manali. It is known to originate from the culinary traditions of Tibet,

It consists of hand-pulled noodles submerged in a meat or vegetable broth that’s generously seasoned with local herbs and spices. 

Laden with chunks of meat and a variety of vegetables, Thukpa is both nourishing and comforting, perfect for anyone looking to stave off the Manali chill!

4. Babru


Babru takes inspiration from the popular Indian snack known as kachori. However, it introduces a distinct Himachali twist. 

This delightful dish involves a dough filled with a spiced black gram paste. The stuffed dough is then rolled flat and deep-fried until it develops a golden-brown hue and crispy texture. It is usually enjoyed with tamarind chutney or curd.

5. Trout Fish

Trout Fish

The freshwater rivers in and around Manali provide an abundant supply of trout, making it a special item on local menus. 

Trout dishes in Manali are often cooked with minimal fuss. This means the fish is usually marinated with locally sourced spices and then either fried or grilled, locking in its natural flavors and juices. 

This dish is a testament to the freshness of the ingredients available in the mountainous region and showcases a simpler, yet exquisite, approach to street food.

6. Samosas


Samosas are a ubiquitous snack across India, and Manali offers its own take on this deep-fried delight!

This famous street food in Manali is typically filled with a spicy mixture of mashed potatoes, peas, and other aromatic spices. 

The crunchy exterior gives way to a soft and spicy interior, creating a taste and texture profile largely beloved by anyone who tries it. Served alongside mint or tamarind chutney, samosas are a decadent snack well-suited for any time of the day.

7. Aloo Tikki

Aloo Tikki

Manali’s take on Aloo Tikki is a street-side staple that is as mouth-watering as it is popular. Aloo Tikki is essentially a patty made from mashed potatoes and a selection of spices which is then pan-fried to achieve a crispy exterior.

This snack is commonly served with dollops of various chutneys, or sometimes topped with chickpea curry.

8. Masala Omelette

Masala Omelette

A humble yet supremely satisfying option, the masala omelet is a regular on Manali’s street food menu, particularly for breakfast. 

Eggs are whipped together with a mix of diced vegetables like onions, tomatoes, and green chilies, as well as a generous helping of spices to create a flavorful and fluffy omelet. 

Typically paired with local bread, this dish is popular for its simplicity and fulfilling nature, offering a spicy take on the classic omelet.

9. Tibetan Butter Tea

Tibetan Butter Tea

Tibetan Butter Tea, or Po Cha, is a distinctive beverage from the highlands of Tibet that has long been a part of the Manali street food scene. Made by boiling tea with yak butter and salt, the concoction is then churned to create a creamy drink. 

It’s an acquired taste but worth trying for its cultural significance and reputed health benefits, as it’s believed to provide warmth and nourishment in the harsh and cold climate.

10. Chana Madra

Chana Madra

Chana Madra is a creamy curry that occupies a special place in the culinary heart of Himachal Pradesh. It showcases a rich combination of chickpeas cooked in a spiced yogurt sauce garnished with assorted nuts and raisins. 

Its creamy texture and mildly tangy flavor profile make Chana Madra an inviting dish. It is served alongside steamed rice or bread and is also an excellent vegetarian option.

11. Mittha


Mittha has to be on the list of famous street foods in Manali! It offers a sweet contrast to the array of savory flavors found on the streets of Manali. This simple yet endearing dessert consists of sweetened rice adorned with assorted dry fruits and a pinch of saffron for added color and aroma. 

Typically served during festive occasions, Mittha is a dish that represents the sweetness of the mountains and provides a comforting conclusion to any meal.

12. Maggi


Needless to mention, Maggi is a cult favorite across the length and breadth of India, and Manali can never be an exception.

Local cooks often add their own special touch by mixing in veggies, eggs, or chicken. Enjoyed by people of all ages, Maggi is the go-to snack for a quick bite that’s both familiar and satisfying.

13. Chaat


The streets of Manali offer a variety of chaat. Essentially, it is a category of savory snacks typically associated with the street food of Northern India. 

From crispy papdi chaat with fried dough and chickpeas to spicy and sour aloo chaat, there’s a mix of different tastes and textures that make eating chaat a fun experience.

Each type of chaat combines an array of textures and flavors, from the crispiness of fried dough to the softness of potatoes and the tang of tamarind sauce, offering a truly sensory eating experience.

14. Patande


Patande, or Himachali pancakes, is a traditional breakfast dish that resembles the Western pancake but with distinct local nuances. It is typically served with a hint of sweetness from syrups or honey and a generous spread of butter.

15. Kulfi


Kulfi provides a sweet respite from the spicy and savory notes of Manali’s street food. This traditional Indian ice cream is much denser and creamier than its Western counterpart. It is often flavored with cardamom, saffron, and pistachios. 

Its smooth and rich texture, combined with aromatic spices, makes Kulfi an irresistible treat, especially during the warmer summer months like April.

Final Thoughts on the Famous Street Foods in Manali

From the warmth of a Tibetan Thukpa to the zest of a street-side chaat, these munchies not only satisfy hunger but enrich your travel experience. 

So, put on your warmest jacket, step out into the crisp mountain air, and embark on a taste adventure that’s as enthralling as the scenic beauty of Manali.

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