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How to Make the Most of Outdoor Adventures in Manali with Your Family

What makes an ideal hill station for you? Snow-capped mountains, green valleys, and a silvery river winding through impenetrable forests? It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? You can get it all in one place: Manali! 

A family trip to Manali could turn into an unforgettable experience for all types of travelers. This town in the picturesque state of Himachal Pradesh is a paradise for nature lovers, adventurers, and even art fans. 

Lone travelers and couples need not feel left out, Manali has something for everyone. But, in my experience, family groups tend to have the most fun! 

The reason is, that there is a plethora of adventure activities available for families. When you go on a family vacation, your primary goal is to bond with your family. The idea is to spend quality time doing activities that engage all of the members. 

If you have booked your Manali package for family, this blog post will list a number of adventure activities you can enjoy with your family to make the most of your Manali trip.



Undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Manali! Trekking is an excellent way to relax while enjoying the natural beauty. Don’t forget your cameras for capturing once-in-a-lifetime memories.

When trekking with your family, prepare beforehand. Wear decent trekking shoes and proper gear.

Choose a route that all of your family members will enjoy. Trekking allows one to feel connected to nature. 

Keep in mind that Manali has trekking options ranging from day treks to week-long hikes. The cost will depend on the route you take and the duration of your trek.



Have you ever wanted to soar from one mountain to another? Do you ever want to gain a bird’s-eye view of stunning landscapes? 

It’s time to take a leap of faith and enjoy the incredible thrill of paragliding. Perhaps it will turn out to be one of the most daring things you have done with your family.

This activity in Manali can be done alone or in pairs. Short Flight (for 2-5 minutes at a height of 100-150 m against the slope), Medium Flight (for 3-7 minutes), and High Flight (for 20-30 minutes) might cost between Rs 500 and Rs 2,000. 

The rate may potentially increase with additions, such as choosing a cable car or equipment like a camera to record your flight.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

If you haven’t already, add mountain biking to your list of things to do in Manali. You may choose a short trip from Manali to Naggar Castle, Rumsu Village, or Rahala Falls, or venture into unexplored territory. 

It is quite simple to rent the bikes by paying a reasonable security deposit and returning them after your tour. The organizers also arrange tours and trips. So, you can either join them or travel on your own. 

The cost of renting a bike for the day is approximately Rs 500.

It is advised to have a second set of clothes as well as a camera to capture photos or films of the unforgettable action.

River Rafting

River Rafting

When it comes to adrenaline-pumping events, how can one pass on the famed river rafting experience? The pleasure of river rafting with your family in Manali will make you want to return soon. 

The Beas provides the ideal conditions and stretches of water for river rafting. The river, which originates in the Rohtang Pass, is fairly steady for about 20 kilometers surrounding Manali, where adventurers can experience various levels of rafting.

Though river rafting is available year-round in Manali except during the rainy season, it is best to go in June or July. 

River rafting is typically included in a Manali package for family that also include an overnight stay, dinner, and other activities. The cost of basic rafting ranges from Rs 500 – 1000.



Manali is totally blanketed in heavy layers of snow during the cold weather, which usually begins in November or December. It also transforms this hill station into an adventure playground for winter sports. 

Skiing is a popular activity in Manali, particularly in the districts of Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley, also known as Solang Nallah.

Beginners can hire a professional ski teacher to learn the basics of skiing or attend a short-term course, which costs as little as Rs 300. But it may make your Manali family tour package price go up.

Organizers and operators provide a safe and secure environment for practicing your skills. They will give all of the necessary equipment and teach various techniques.



Do you have smaller kids who love to picnic in the serene mountain environment? Manali with its national parks and Van Vihar and other picnic spots offers an incredible opportunity for your family to spend some quiet time together. 

Lay out a mat on the lush green grass in the garden and read your favorite book or play with your children. It’s an ideal spot to unwind and relax. 

Van Vihar contains a crystal-clear lake, which is ideal for boating. You will have to row the boats with oars yourself. The price is Rs 30 for 15 minutes. 

Such a destination is ideal not only for families but also for couples wishing to spend quality time together and build memories to take home.



It is a wonderful feeling to be in the lap of nature, waking up to the sounds of chirping birds and breathing in fresh air loaded with forest smells. 

Imagine peeking out of your bed to witness the snowfall outside your tent or the first rays of sun shining on the mountains!

Wouldn’t you and your family cherish these memories for a lifetime? The different camping options in Manali will quell your thirst. 

Camping sites such as Sethan, Solang Bhuntar, etc provide amenities for your comfort. However, it is recommended that you bring enough woolen because the temperature might drop abruptly in the hills.

Ropeway Ride

Ropeway Ride

Solang Valley is the perfect adventure town for a family! From bungee jumping to paragliding and horseback riding, there are so many activities and things to do in Manali at Solang Valley that you won’t want to leave.

The ropeway ride costs only Rs 500 for one person, in both directions, and takes approximately 10 minutes. You will need to book your ticket on the spot. 

The activity provides excellent aerial views of the surrounding landscapes as you sweep through the air on a rope, supported by high-quality gear.

The activity is popular with both adults and children who enjoy taking in the scenery while they ride in the car. 


Manali family tour package price will purely depend on the number of family members, the number of days, and the type of activities you are planning. I hope you feel compelled to take part in some of these activities on your next trip.

After all, what are family trips for? For making collective memories what better way than indulging in several activities together?

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