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5 Tips To Save Money On Your Manali Tour Package For Couple

A post-wedding vacation is essential for couples to replenish the energy they typically lose throughout lengthy ceremonies and celebrations. 

However, organizing a honeymoon is not as simple as you believe, especially if you have not booked a Manali tour package for couple. 

While it is fairly easy to identify the best honeymoon destinations and honeymoon resorts in the world, there is no useful advice on how to plan a honeymoon, where to go, or what are the cheapest yet most romantic honeymoon getaway options.

Planning a honeymoon that meets your budget needs considerable thought and a bit of creativity. 

Follow these ideas to make sure you have a fantastic experience in Manali without affecting your budget:

Off Season Travel

Off Season Travel

Timing is everything! Consider organizing your honeymoon during the off-season to save money on hotels, activities, and airfare. 

Traveling during the low season is an excellent opportunity to save money while also enjoying your honeymoon in a less crowded environment. 

Although different destinations have low seasons at different times of the year, it is wise to make a list of the places you favor and see which tour you can save money on, even if it means waiting a few months.

Manali has a peak season in the summer and around New Year’s Eve, so plan appropriately to avoid inflated pricing.

Prioritize Accommodation, Food, and Local travel

Prioritize Accommodation, Food, and Local travel

This is one of the most important and effective methods of budget traveling. Having a good vacation is far more important than spending a significant amount of money on it. 

Thus, establish your priorities. Whether a luxurious accommodation or convenient travel appeals to you, evaluate what you really want to have in your honeymoon vacation package and what you can go without.

For budget travel, consider staying at homestays and eating local street food. This will allow you to experience the culture of the place closely.

For local travel, you can choose to travel via public transport. They are cheaper, as well as safer in a new destination that you are not aware of.

Plan Your Activities

Plan Your Activities

Sit together with your spouse and try to identify what interests you guys have. Are you guys adventure lovers at heart? Or are you guys more inclined towards a spiritual experience?

Plan your activities accordingly. Ask your travel agent to show you different all-inclusive packages. Ask him as many questions as you want before finalizing the package.

If you are planning your trip on your own, Research all the various kinds of activities you can enjoy at the destination you have selected. Then take a look at your interests and consider your budget.

Consider low-cost activities like strolling Mall Road or trekking to Hadimba temple. This way, you will be able to enjoy several activities and have an immersive experience with your partner without breaking the bank.

Go Domestic

Go Domestic

I know Paris sounds fun, and so does Bali or Phuket. But you know what sounds better than all of these, Manali, Kashmir, and Kerala? 

What I mean to say is that there is no need to burn a hole in your pocket just for that international trip. You can go for several alternatives in India as well.

Trying alternatives or going domestic will help you save money on an international honeymoon journey. 

If you live in India, why travel to Paris or Switzerland when you can visit Kullu, Manali, and Shimla closer to home and save money? 

Contact a Travel Agent

Travel Agent

If you want to organize your honeymoon without any worry, rely on a travel agency or online travel website, and the rest of everything will be smooth. 

They will arrange the entire tour itinerary, including travel, lodging, meals, and tourist attractions, and all you have to do is follow their personalized plan and enjoy your honeymoon. 

To save money, they will also recommend upcoming travel discounts, lower hotel rates, and off-season getaway possibilities. 

So, be specific about your choices and budget, and allow them to reduce the cost of your itinerary accordingly. 


Our Manali honeymoon packages are packed with delightful inclusions that will make your trip extra special. Check out the Manali tour package for a couple price here. 

They’ve attended to every aspect, ensuring your journey, from cozy lodging to smooth transportation, from captivating tours to delectable cuisine, is unforgettable and flawlessly orchestrated.

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