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What To Pack For Manali Trip In December?

Are you planning to celebrate the last days of this year in a hill town like Manali? But don’t know what to pack for Manali trip in December

Well, worry not. We are here to help. This article lists all the important items you should carry on your trip to Manali in winter. While winter brings a unique charm to Manali, it is a difficult place to be during winter. Particularly for those who are not used to the cold. 

The winter season in Manali typically spans from November to February. During this time, the weather can be quite harsh, with temperatures often dropping below freezing.

Daytime temperatures range from 0 to 10 degrees Celsius while nighttime temperatures can plummet to sub-zero levels. Owing to this, Manali witnesses heavy snowfall during the winter months.

Hence, we have curated a detailed guide for you that lists all the essentials you should carry in order to have a smooth trip.

Carry These Crucial Items 

Pack your stuff and cross-check them with the items listed below. Before you leave, make sure all the items listed in this list are there in your backpack. 

Important Papers and Documents

Important Papers and Documents

Make sure you’ve got all of your important papers with you before leaving on a trip. It is a must-do whenever you travel especially if you are traveling solo.

We’ve designed a checklist to help you so that you don’t forget any of these. Go! check it out.

  • A copy of your travel itinerary and travel insurance
  • Your tickets, passports, voter identification card, etc for identification
  • Do not forget your flight, tour, and hotel booking confirmation slip.
  • Prior permits, if required any

Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials
  • Phone, Charger, and Power Bank
  • A paper map, and guidebook of the destination for your easy navigation around the place.
  • Installing a travel map or guide application on your phone, such as Google Maps, GPS Navigation, Bing maps, etc.
  • Torchlight, Watch, and Sunglass
  • Keep a Tiffin box with munchies such as chocolate, gums, biscuits and dry fruits 
  • Carry a water bottle at all times whenever you travel to hilly areas

Toiletry Items

Toiletry Items
  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • Body wash, Body Lotion, Moisturizer, Sunscreen and other beauty products
  • Hand Sanitizer given the current times we are living in when COVID is said to be returning.
  • A compact mirror, comb, and deodorant. Also, do not forget a lip balm as harsh winter weather can take a toll on your lips and make them dry and hurtful.

Clothing items

Clothing items
  • Warm wool Shirts, socks, slacks, and trousers, as well as light woolen clothing and outerwear.
  • Fur sweaters and wool jackets
  • Hiking shoes and gear if you plan to hike
  • Towels and handkerchiefs
  • Flip flops or floaters are recommended.
  • Raincoats are a must as it snows heavily during winters
  • Hand gloves, hats, caps, shawls, mufflers, and other woolen accessories

Camera Equipment

Camera Equipment

If you are a photographer, do not forget to carry your equipment or photography gear. It will allow you to capture memorable moments. A good quality camera should be your first priority.

So, carry a camera kit with the following components:

  • Shoulder strap and camera bag along with camera lenses
  • Charger, cords, power bank, and batteries for the camera
  • Selfie stick and tripod
  • External storage devices, such as hard disc drives or pen drives, etc.

First-Aid/Medical Kit

First-Aid/Medical Kit

Your first-aid health pack will be an essential part of your journey. Preparing your medication and keeping a first-aid kit in your backpack can ensure your health and safety.

Remember to include cold medications, current prescriptions, pain relievers, stomach ache pills, bandages, antiseptic creams, and gastric tablets, among other things.


This detailed checklist includes everything that a tourist would require. All of the things listed above, however, may not be necessary for everyone.

This is merely a guide and a checklist. It’s only natural to bring only what you’ll need and exclude what you don’t. Consider the obvious drastic weather changes, as well as food changes to pack accordingly.

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